Stephen Tooshkenig

Born and raised on Walpole Island First Nation, Steve Tooshkenig has been an inspiration to leaders North American wide. His words are heartfelt and his personal journey delivers a message of courage and hope.

Mr. Tooshkenig has golfed across North America as a touring golf professional and youth mentor. His strength on and off the golf course have kept him focused on challenges which are felt today by First Nations people. His true passion in life is to find Solutions!! He encourages through words, he challenges by experience but most of all he understands that he’s not alone.

Mr. Tooshkenig has travelled the red road of recovery sharing his testimony with others who have experienced addiction and despair. As a young child he had to endure difficult situations as he was sexually abused as a little boy. Mr. Tooshkenig shares his story of defeat, healing and courage. His story is impactful but offers a glimmer of hope for those still living in darkness. Mr. Tooshkenig understands that we are never truly alone and that our words offer healing and inspiration for others if we are willing to share in the goodness.

Today, Mr. Tooshkenig is married with 6 children. Has been a foster parent for two years and was recently honored with the Victim Service Award for Courage and Bravery. He travels across the globe offering his healing message to organizations who believe in the same message. That message is forgiveness, healing and strength.

Together we can make a difference but healing is a choice and a choice we must act upon.