Publications for Victims

Have You Been a Victim of Crime?

Have You Been a Victim of Crime? What’s Next…Information and Resources for Victims of Crime in Ontario:

This handbook is for victims of crime and the people who support them. It includes information about victims’ rights, places to go for help, and the criminal justice system. This information will help victims understand what to expect and how to ensure their rights are respected.

At the back of the handbook, there is a Glossary of Terms and a summary of resources (Who to Contact) that will help guide victims to the supports and services available in their communities.

Living Beyond the Murder of a Loved One

Living Beyond the Murder of a Loved One: Information for Families and Others Affected by Homicide:

This handbook is intended to help families and others affected by homicide understand and navigate some of the processes they may encounter in the days, weeks, months, and years following their loved one’s death. It includes practical information about the criminal justice system and supports and services that are available.