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OVC Initiatives:

The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) is seeking input from victims of crime regarding their access to supports and services in the aftermath of victimization. Specifically, the OVC is interested in learning about whether people who have been victimized were aware of services and financial assistance programs available in Ontario, and whether they accessed these services and programs.

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Other Initiatives in which the OVC is Involved:

The Victim Justice Network has partnered with Algonquin College to study the resiliency of victims of violent crime. The goal of the research is to continue to generate knowledge about the resources that support victims of violent crime and provide them with the opportunity to reflect on their strengths. The findings of the research study will be sent out to a wide network of service providers and advocates, presented at conferences and will be integrated into the curriculum of the Algonquin College victimology program.

The Office for Victims of Crime is participating in the research in an advisory capacity, and is pleased to help share the notice of this research.

To take part in the study, visit (NOW CLOSED)